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Year after year, many graduates are finding it hard to land a job. As the labor market is increasingly diminishing, graduates are being forced to use their creativity to earn money and stay relevant in society.

Working as a freelance writer is one of the few means of earning cash and becoming a boss. Although, you need to be sure that you are a skilled writer and that you are ready to start earning through writing. If your answer is yes, then there are few things you need to know to become a freelance writer.

What to know as a new freelance writer

There are certain things you need to know as a new freelancer. We have highlighted a few below.

  1. Consider your freelance writing as a job:
  2. Don’t see this any less than a job. Schedule a time to resume to work and a time to close. Although freelance writing can be flexible, you need to be serious about it.

  3. Do away with distractions:
  4. Don’t allow anything to distract you from what you have set out to achieve in a workday. Ensuring that you make your aim is totally up to you.

  5. Set a goal for each workday:
  6. Decide on what needs to be achieved each day. Make a list of topics to write on and set deadlines for when to finish.

  7. Always be organized:
  8. Create a space where you work in your home. Be sure the area is neat and organized. Also arrange the things you need for your work like your computer, printer, writing materials, and other necessary equipment.

The pros of being a freelance writer

There are advantages to becoming a freelance writer. Some of them are:

  1. No need for excessive equipment:
  2. You will not need a lot of stuff for your freelance writing. Only your computer and access to the Internet is required.

  3. Job flexibility:
  4. You can work from anywhere at any given time. It can be on your bed or even in the car park. You don’t have to secure an office before you start writing. The working hours are also flexible as long as you meet up with the deadline.

  5. You get to be your boss:
  6. With freelance writing, you won’t have to work under anybody. You get to choose your convenient place and time to work.

The Cons of being a freelance writer

The choice to become a freelance writer is not for everyone. Here are some reasons why you might not enjoy freelance writing;

  1. You can get bored while working alone:
  2. It can be a significant problem as there are no working partners as you will find in an office. You should make out time for socializing with friends to solve this problem.

  3. There will be no professional support:
  4. It can also get you frustrated while working. There is nobody to supervise your work. The best way to get help is to connect with other freelance writers online.

  5. Starting up may prove difficult:
  6. If you are not committed enough, you may find things more difficult than expected. Writing, getting clients, and referrals, networking requires a lot of time and energy.


As you are starting a career as a freelance writer, all you need is dedication and hard work. Put in a lot of effort, write as much as you can, get clients, and connect with other freelance writers that can help you grow.

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