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Many people love writing. They could even write for free as long as their thoughts find expression. How about being paid for doing what you love?

Getting freelance jobs isn’t that easy. A similar challenge also applies to experienced writers. It is more challenging to get well paying freelance writing jobs. Let’s consider a few of the best online platforms for good freelance writing jobs.

  1. FlexJobs
  2. FlexJobs allows you to search for specific jobs. You do that by creating a profile that matches the kinds of jobs you are up for. It includes categories, your work schedule, level of experience, etc.

    The subscription for FlexJob is $14.95 monthly and $49.95 for an annual subscription. You can also get 50% off when you use the code “JOBS.”

  3. SolidGigs
  4. Solidgigs help users get a variety of job opportunities. They help compile freelance writing job opportunities and send them to subscribers weekly. It gives subscribers easy access to jobs and helps save time used for job search.

    You can subscribe to SolidGigs with $19 monthly. You can also get a month free trial for only $2. SolidGigs also gives you access to free tutorials and the opportunity to meet successful people in the field.

  5. Weekly Email from Sonia Weiser
  6. Sonia Weiser is a known name among freelance writers. She sends job opportunities to her community at $3 monthly. She also offers professional counsel on freelance writing with other helpful resources.

  7. Freelance Writers Den
  8. For $25 monthly, Carol Tice offers you a whole lot, including training on making money from freelance writing. You also have access to different forums where you can learn and improve your skill. Jobs and listings are also posted twice every week on the Junk-Free Job Board. Every serious-minded freelance writer should consider this platform.

  9. ProBlogger Job Board
  10. Freelance writers can get job listings from ProBlogger created by Darren. You can be sure about getting paging clients from his blog. Problogger had gained a high profile, which gives you an idea about the kind of job you can stumble upon in the blog.

  11. MediaBistro
  12. MediaBistro offers a wide range of courses and tools that would enhance your career. The job board section presents job opportunities that cut across different industries.

  13. Morning Coffee Newsletter
  14. It is a weekly newsletter that gives information about job opportunities for freelance writers and editors. Freelancewriting.com sends this newsletter with jobs pulled for different sites.

  15. Behance Creative Jobs
  16. It is an online platform for professionals to show their work and connect with organizations. It also has a job board where you can source for opportunities.

  17. Who Pays Writers?
  18. It is a site that offers well-paying opportunities for writers. With these sites, you can also know how much some publications pay.

  19. LinkedIn
  20. With your LinkedIn account, you can build your network and get job opportunities. You can also sign up for job alerts in your field.

Other online platforms where you can get a good offer include Upwork, Freelance Writing Jobs(FWJ), Where to pitch, The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs, etc.

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