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Finding a freelance job is not an easy task. Some people due to lack of knowledge or impatience are still unemployed. Beginners usually have a lot of questions. If you are one of them and do not know what steps to follow when looking for a part time freelance job then kindly go through the article below hoping that it will be of great use to you.

Get a payment method
I know that you may think am crazy to think of money before one is assured of getting the job. Well, once you get a job, your client may ask you to give a payment method of your choice. If you do not want to go through the hassle of having to register, then you should have one in place even before you apply for a job. A payment method will help you to withdraw your cash and why should you work if you cannot withdraw. There are various payment methods such as Skrill or PayPal. Choose one that has lesser conversion fee and suits you.

Register as a freelancer
There are a lot of sites where you can register so as to get freelance writing jobs. The commonest one being Upwork. Writing Jobz is also a trustworthy one. These are the places where clients go to when looking for freelancers and this may just be the best place to visit when looking for a job. Since they are advertising for you, you may find that some little amount of money is charged on your first income. However as the time goes by and you start earning more, you get charged less. This should however not scare you.

Set a profile
If clients want to find the best individual that they can work with, they will definitely visit your profile. If you want to portray the image of a serious professional then maybe you should avoid using group photos or family photos as your profile picture. Fill in your skill s, work experience and how you can be of help to your clients. You should also be careful to specify the kind of articles that you write. Make your profile brief, clear and straight to the point so that you do not end up boring the clients.

Send applications
Most clients give their emails where different freelancers can get to them and submit their application. If you find that the job description provided suits you, then send an application. You can send your CV, provide a payment method and even send samples of the work that you write. Some companies may require you to get a referral from a previous company. You should also make sure that you have this in place so that you do not have to go back and forth. You do not have to be too formal when it comes to this, you can use terms such as hi and hello when sending your application.

Be patient
I know that patience may not be every person’s virtue but if you want to be the best freelancer there has ever been then you have to acquire it. The mistake that people make is sending emails to the clients asking them if they have gotten the job or not. This may as well disqualify you. Stay put and wait for the confirmation email. If there isn’t any then do not panic, there are plenty of companies that may need your skills. You are not the first person to apply and not get shortlisted. If you want to succeed in any field then all you got to do is never give up.

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