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A great way to supplement your income while working from the comfort of your home (or anywhere you want for that matter) is to become a freelancer. There are literally thousands of opportunities out there – some long-term others short-term – provided for by clients from all over the world looking for skilled individuals specializing in a number of areas. Today, we are focusing on getting freelance writing jobs online no experience. This is primary meant for people what want to take on a few projects a week and don’t plan on making a career of this – but are still willing to do the work to ensure they land excellent online editor jobs or other similar roles:

Create Online Website Profiles
Most people already have social networking sites that can easily be modified to advertise their desire to land history writing jobs or whatever other area they specialize in. Have a look at your profiles and write a paragraph or two describing the kind of work you want to do and make sure you make it easy for people to connect with you to start a conversation and negotiation process.

Ask Your Friends for Recommendations
When I was first getting started in this field it was to gain more general experience in U.S. customs law. I was a graduate student who would like to build a strong resume in this niche market and was in search of a great legal writing job where I could develop my skills and knowledge. My friends were tremendously helpful in that they provided me with recommendations and in some cases even introduced me to employers that were looking for someone in my situation.

Build a Portfolio by Working for Free
No one likes to work for free but this is just the smart thing to do if you want to build a good reputation and land freelance gigs much more easily. By developing a strong portfolio you have ready-made samples that you can send with all of your proposals, thus displaying how well you write and the kind of quality you aim to bring to any new writing project.

Consult with Other Freelancers
Lastly, you should always try to extend your network, particularly with other freelancers who can provide you with tips and tricks for starting down this path of gig work to landing more lucrative opportunities. Search for others who specialize in your areas so that they can tell you exactly how they got started years ago.

As you can see it really will only take a few days’ worth of preparation to get started in a field where you can get paid to proofread. And after a couple of weeks you should start seeing the positive effects of beginning on the right foot. You can also look towards long-term steady work by trying your hand on some professional writing – there are hundreds of credible sites that pay excellent rates and are always looking for qualified experts in a number of fields who can do academic or similar work.

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